For over three and a half decades, Genesis Radio Productions has provided affordable radio and internet production for Christian churches and ministries. 

Technology has changed a lot in those three and a half decades, and we use advanced computer software, including Pro Tools, to ensure the finest finished product.

Our services don’t end when the program is finished! We have full FTP capabilities, to deliver your program to radio stations instantly, and with superior audio quality.
We also provide representation for the programs which includes:

* Strategy of selecting the best market, station and time to fit the ministry's goals
* Negotiation for the best possible rate on radio stations and networks around the world.
* Consolidated billing for all airtime and production services.

The goal of Genesis Radio Productions is to provide a professional service to churches and ministries wishing to enter the medium of radio and the internet with quality sound.  At the same time, we endeavor to offer this service at a low, affordable rate.  Above all, we seek to glorify God through all that we do!
Internet Ministry

We are also able to provide audio services to enhance your Internet Ministry.  Completed programs can be used on the church or ministry website. 

Whatever your need may be, Genesis Radio Productions is ready to help!